Firefly's No Fly Fiber List

Hello Fiber Lovers!

At Firefly, we are dedicated to bringing you all natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable yarn. But what does that mean? We start with a short list of fiber we will not be offering.

No Synthetic Yarn

None of our yarns will be made with acrylic, polyester, nylon, or any other synthetic fiber. This includes natural fibers blended with synthetic fiber.

Why This is Important to Us

We understand that plastic can be very useful, easy, and affordable, in moderation. But as we watch the growing plastic problem in our landfills and oceans, plastic in yarn is not only unnecessary, but dangerous for our eco system and extremely wasteful. There are wonderful alternatives to plastic yarn that nature has provided us. We are happy to stock them at Firefly!

No Silk Fibers

We will not be offering silk or silk blended fibers at Firefly

Why This is Important to Us

Silk feels luxurious. Oh, we know. But, cultivating silk is a wasteful and inhumane industry. We at Firefly, believe in respecting life, including the treatment of silkworms.

No Bamboo Fibers

We will not stock any bamboo or bamboo blended fiber.

Why This is Important to Us

Bamboo fiber is really hot right now. The process to make bamboo fiber? Not so much. The intense chemical process to break down the naturally hard bamboo into silky fibers is very harmful for the environment and not a sustainable practice. We know there are multiple systems to break down bamboo into fiber, but we have not found one that we believe is truly sustainable and eco-friendly.

There you have it, Firefly’s list of no fly fiber! But we do have a catch! We are big believers in giving materials a second life, and we will sometimes offer recycled fiber and materials in our shop.

Stay tuned for the all natural fibers we will be offering in the shop and why we are excited to offer them!

- Sarah and Leslie