Autumn breezes, Firefly's teases.

The end of the summer is always a little bittersweet. Autumn teases with beautiful crisp days in-between the hot summer sun. This Labor Day weekend in Chicago was a good example of this. Friday through Sunday had beautiful days in the 70’s. Then Labor Day hit with a humid 89 degrees. Summer may try to keep its’ grasp, but try all it wants, our favorite season is around the corner!

Of course, this gets us thinking of all our autumn projects for Firefly. We have some exciting things we are working on. And just like the autumn weather, here is a teaser for the things to come!

Our favorite project we are currently working on is picking out yarn and fiber for the shop. Of course it doesn’t hurt that we get to handle a variety of samples, and pick through an exciting array of colors. Rest assure, every thing we pick is all natural and eco-friendly. We have some great vendors we are working with, for just these reasons. As soon as our selections are finalized, you will be the first to know!

Our next project is an important project for Firefly. We are finalizing our Indygogo campaign to launch the shop! By using crowdfunding, you can help us get started. We plan on using the funds to buy more inventory, so we can stock more yarn with a greater variety. We have some fantastic rewards for you, and with your help, we can launch the shop into the next phase. Keep you’re eye out for our announcement!

As we get closer to our opening date, we have started day dreaming and planning the shop’s design. We picture it as warm, inviting, and full of color and texture. We will keep you updated on progress each step of the way. We are excited to see how Firefly grows!

As we’re working on Firefly this season, let us know what projects you plan to work on this autumn!!