Autumn breezes, Firefly's teases.

The end of the summer is always a little bittersweet. Autumn teases with beautiful crisp days in-between the hot summer sun. This Labor Day weekend in Chicago was a good example of this. Friday through Sunday had beautiful days in the 70’s. Then Labor Day hit with a humid 89 degrees. Summer may try to keep its’ grasp, but try all it wants, our favorite season is around the corner!

Of course, this gets us thinking of all our autumn projects for Firefly. We have some exciting things we are working on. And just like the autumn weather, here is a teaser for the things to come!

Our favorite project we are currently working on is picking out yarn and fiber for the shop. Of course it doesn’t hurt that we get to handle a variety of samples, and pick through an exciting array of colors. Rest assure, every thing we pick is all natural and eco-friendly. We have some great vendors we are working with, for just these reasons. As soon as our selections are finalized, you will be the first to know!

Our next project is an important project for Firefly. We are finalizing our Indygogo campaign to launch the shop! By using crowdfunding, you can help us get started. We plan on using the funds to buy more inventory, so we can stock more yarn with a greater variety. We have some fantastic rewards for you, and with your help, we can launch the shop into the next phase. Keep you’re eye out for our announcement!

As we get closer to our opening date, we have started day dreaming and planning the shop’s design. We picture it as warm, inviting, and full of color and texture. We will keep you updated on progress each step of the way. We are excited to see how Firefly grows!

As we’re working on Firefly this season, let us know what projects you plan to work on this autumn!!

Firefly's Happy Fiber List

Happy Friday!

In our last post, Firefly’s No Fly Fiber List, we highlighted a few fibers we find to be in the danger zone. As it is our mission to bring you the best in natural fibers, there were some fibers we had to cut. But, we are excited to bring you a growing list of fibers that will be available from Firefly.


Oh so many different wool out there and we love them. Our favorites? Just check this list out!

Super Wash Merino that you can throw in the washer!

Blue Faced Leicester wool, for soft yet strong fiber (great for sock yarn without the plastics!)

Alpaca wool, for silky soft hypoallergenic wool.

Cashmere, to feel like a queen

Yak wool, which is warmer and softer than most sheep wool.

Wool fiber is resilient and breathable in warm and cool climates. And, it loves dye. It absorbs color deeply for rich vibrancy, without the need to use chemicals. This makes wool a great all around natural fiber.

Organic Cotton

Our premium, vegan yarn! We are excited to bring you vegan and vibrant organic cotton yarn. Cotton has a rich history throughout the world. Currently, this plant has the most destructive pesticides used in cultivation. These pesticides are destructive to the soil and any natural ecosystem. Enter, organic cotton! Grown without the use of harsh pesticides, you can still enjoy the light and soft cotton fiber knowing that it is grown with with the environment in mind.

Recycled Fabric

We will be offering recycled fabric yarns, from blue jean factory leftovers, cotton cloths and saris, we can help re-use fiber that otherwise would go to waste!

Linen and Hemp

We are working with suppliers to supply linen and hemp vegan options. Linen is a great lightweight fiber that gets softer with use. Hemp is the strongest fiber in the world but is still soft and light!

See anything you are excited about? Let us know what your favorite fiber to work with is!

Firefly's No Fly Fiber List

Hello Fiber Lovers!

At Firefly, we are dedicated to bringing you all natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable yarn. But what does that mean? We start with a short list of fiber we will not be offering.

No Synthetic Yarn

None of our yarns will be made with acrylic, polyester, nylon, or any other synthetic fiber. This includes natural fibers blended with synthetic fiber.

Why This is Important to Us

We understand that plastic can be very useful, easy, and affordable, in moderation. But as we watch the growing plastic problem in our landfills and oceans, plastic in yarn is not only unnecessary, but dangerous for our eco system and extremely wasteful. There are wonderful alternatives to plastic yarn that nature has provided us. We are happy to stock them at Firefly!

No Silk Fibers

We will not be offering silk or silk blended fibers at Firefly

Why This is Important to Us

Silk feels luxurious. Oh, we know. But, cultivating silk is a wasteful and inhumane industry. We at Firefly, believe in respecting life, including the treatment of silkworms.

No Bamboo Fibers

We will not stock any bamboo or bamboo blended fiber.

Why This is Important to Us

Bamboo fiber is really hot right now. The process to make bamboo fiber? Not so much. The intense chemical process to break down the naturally hard bamboo into silky fibers is very harmful for the environment and not a sustainable practice. We know there are multiple systems to break down bamboo into fiber, but we have not found one that we believe is truly sustainable and eco-friendly.

There you have it, Firefly’s list of no fly fiber! But we do have a catch! We are big believers in giving materials a second life, and we will sometimes offer recycled fiber and materials in our shop.

Stay tuned for the all natural fibers we will be offering in the shop and why we are excited to offer them!

- Sarah and Leslie