Weekly Drop-in Class Schedule

You are welcome to drop-in to our weekly classes.
You may sign up online, in store, or just drop-in on a day you can make it!
Our drop-in classes are designed to keep you learning and inspired, even if you can not make class every week.


6pm - 7pm

Intro to Knitting by Jessica Fogel

7pm - 8pm

Beginner Knitting by Jessica Fogel



6pm - 7pm

Intro to Crochet by Leslie Wood

7pm - 8pm

Beginning Crochet by Leslie Wood




4pm - 7pm

Wine and Unwind





1pm - 2pm

Intro to Crochet by Sarah Jamison

2pm - 3pm

Beginner Crochet by Sarah Jamison

3pm - 4pm

Intro to Knitting by Jackie Valdez

4pm - 5pm

Beginner Knitting by Jackie Valdez

The above classes are all available as private lessons. We also offer Rigid Heddle Weaving as private lessons. Please contact the shop to set up your private lesson.