Learn to Crochet

If you like blankets, hats, and all things cozy, crochet is a great technique to get you on your way to creating a whole world of handmade. 

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Shake up your routine with our drop-in Intro to Crochet class. This class teaches the very basics of crochet, from how to hold the crochet hook to creating your first stitches. We recommend this class to anyone who is new to crochet or needs a refresher. 

You are welcome to drop into this class any time with out signing up. Materials are provided for this class.

Can't decide between crochet or knitting? Let your hands decide! We recommend taking both intro classes and which ever you feel more comfortable with, you can join the beginner class! 

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Just know the basic stitch? Don't worry, this class will make you go from 0-100 real quick. The Beginner Crochet class is a 4 week class that helps you build a solid foundation for all crochet patterns. Learn about different hook gauges, how to increase and decrease stitches, crocheting in the round, and how to read basic crochet patterns. We recommend this class after Intro to Crochet, or as a refresher for newer crocheters.

Your instructor will let you know what materials that need to be purchased on the first day of class. All students get a 10% discount the day of their class. 

Class price is $20 per week. This class instruction spans over 4 weeks, we encourage our students to attend each class over the 4 week period.