Fandom Fiber Color-ways

We have collaborated with Rhichard Devrieze Yarns to bring you the best fandom colors! 

Available in fingering and worsted weight

Harry Potter



Slip this spellwork round to create beautiful patterns and colorwork. Just work your magic, and watch the stitches loop effortlessly into a magical creation!


Expecto PURLonum

Ward off the Dementors of your day when you cast on with this yarn. Proven to relieve stress and bring happiness, this magical yarn will keep you safe as you cast your own powerful and creative project! 



This disarming colorway will surely catch the eyes of muggles and wizards alike. Remind those dropped stitches who weilds the wand, and cast on this yarn to conquer any trouble a pattern tries to throw at you. 



Cast on this colorway to make the K1’s and P1’s go by effortlessly. Laugh away troubles as this yarn brings out the fun in your crafty knit spellwork. 

Game of Thrones


Cersei's Revenge

The destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor was Cersei’s crowning achievement on the way to the Iron Throne. Inspired by Cersei’s dark ascention to the throne and her fierce ruling, Cersei is a queen we love to hate. 

Good thing we just love this colorway. Wrap it around you to remind your enimies not to play with Wildfire.


Sansa's Game

Sansa has grown up from the selfish teenager she once was. Now Queen of the North, Sansa’s life lessons have taught her how to play the game and play it well.

Inspired by Sansa’s inner strength and will to survive, this colorway welcomes winter, knowing you have the stength to get through it. 


Mother of Dragons

“Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.”

This bad ass boss has certaintly made a name for herself. Inspired by Dany’s gentle yet firey strength, this colorway will free your creative spirit. 


Melisandre's Fire

“The night is dark and full of terrors. But the fire burns them all away.”

High Priestess to the Lord of Light, this Red Witch has used her dark magic to kill and resurrect the men of Westeros. Her power is respected and feared. 

Inspired by her suductive confidence, this colorway will let out your true femme fatale.

Star Wars



Inspired by our favorite little roller robot in the newest Star Wars triligy, BB8! This yarn is a spark full of spunk to help The Resistance fight against The New Order. Whether it’s following Rey around, helping Poe kick some butt, or hiding under a trash receptical with Finn and Rose, this robot sidekick always lends a helping beep. 


Let the Past Die

Kylo’s journey is marked by his own conflict between the light and dark side of the Force. The son of Leia and Han, this Skywalker descendent is following the footsteps of his grandfather, Darth Vader.

Explore the Dark Side with this colorway. For all you know, you just need a Rey of light to bring you back.


Darkness Rises and Light to Meet It

The Force’s journey to balance has been long fought between the light vs dark. But one cannot be without the other. 

Help bring balance to the force as you weild your sabors to create a new code of harmony.


Desert Child

We see Rey’s journey begin on the desert planet of Jakku, where she has been waiting since she was a child. Now the force calls this desert scavenger to create balance with the help of a low roller robot, BB8, an ex-stormtrooper, and the Millenium Falcon at her finger tips. 

Follow Rey’s journey as you loop and wind this colorway into your own creation.



I still believe in heros

As Thanos collects all six of the infinity stones, the universe is one step closer to distruction. Our brave heros from across the galaxy must come togther to defeat Thanos’s evil plan.

Join our heros to defend the universe from a twisted fate.


"Why make quite the team - Bulletproof, Blind Ninja, whatever the hell you are..."

Four of NYC’s heros unwillingly team up to save the city from The Hand. Although they prefer to work alone, working together makes them stronger. 

Help The Defenders save the Big Apple from a Hand-made mess.


Hooked on a feeling

We’re hooked for the strange and dynamic team of Gaurdians of the Galaxy. This group of misfits has saved the galaxy more than once, all while listening to a mix tape.

Join our heros on their next quest to listen to some grooves and save the galaxy (again).

DC Comics


Only Love can truly save the world

Princess of the Amazons, Daina, leaves her home island to fight the God of War, Ares, in a war to end all wars.

Truely a woman of strength and love, Wonder Woman is a reminder to all - choose to be your own hero today and everyday.