Spindy City Weekend!

October 19 & 20

Join us for our first ever Spindy City weekend! This weekend we invite all spinners and any one looking to learn how to spin to come together for a weekend of workshops and spinning fun! We’ll be offering classes, demos, workshops, and open spinning time with contests and raffles to win! Plus sales on our spinning wheel floor models!

Saturday, oct. 19

We’ll start the weekend off with classes and demos to explore the many ways we make yarn from fiber!

1pm - Drop Spindle Class - $25 (regular $45)

Learn the basics of spinning with drop spindle! Drop spindle is the oldest and longest used technique for spinning fiber into yarn. It is a great way to learn the mechanics of spinning and drafting before spinning on a wheel.

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*Materials included

2:30pm - Spinning on a Wheel Class - $25 (regularly $45)

Ready to learn how to spin fiber on a wheel? In this class, learn the parts of the spinning wheel, how the wheel works, and drafting techniques to create yarn on the wheel!

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* If you have never spun before, we HIGHLY recommend taking the drop spindle class before this class to learn/practice drafting. Materials included.

4pm - Book Charkha Spinning Wheel Demo - Free

Sarah Jamison will demo her Book Charkha spinning wheel, a small portable wheel made to spin plant based fibers. She will demo the different techniques of spinning with flax to create linen and cotton.

Sunday, Oct. 20

12 pm - Open Spinning

Come together for a fun open spinning afternoon! Bring your spindle or wheel to make with other spinners in the community!

3pm - Contests and Raffles prizes

Drop Spindle Spinning Contest
A contest to see who can drop spin the most yardage in 15 minutes! After time is up, yarn will be skeined and measured. The spinner with the most yardage wins a prize!

Spinning Wheel Contest
You have 15 mins to spin the most amount of yarn on your spinning wheel! After time is up, yarn will be skeined and measured. The spinner with the most yardage wins a prize!

Spin Thin to Win
Spin the thinest yarn you can on a drop spindle or a spinning wheel. After 15 min, yarn will be measured by wraps per inch at the beginning, middle, and end of the skien. Measurements will be averaged, the spinner with the highest wraps per inch will win!

Raffle Prize
All spinners participating in the Open Spinning day can enter into our Spinning Raffle Prize! Winner will be picked on Sunday at 5:30pm.