Our Promise

At Firefly, we strive to bring you the best materials for your projects. This means organic, sustainable, eco-friendly, and fair trade products from the USA and around the world. But, what does all of this mean? We have created two lists to help you understand our mission and goals. Our Happy Fiber List is all of the fibers that make the cut. Our No Fly Fiber List is what we consider non sustainable or eco-friendly. Of course these lists ebb and flow, and there are exceptions on both sides, but these are the details we care about to keep the shop all natural and earth friendly.



Wool fiber is resilient and breathable in warm and cool climates. And, it loves dye. It absorbs color deeply for rich vibrancy, without the need to use chemicals. Certain wool's like Cashmere and Yak, comes from the animal's undercoat. This wool is either brushed out during shedding season, or collected as it sheds naturally from each animal. This ancient way of collecting fiber is all natural and animal friendly.

Recycled Fibers

We are big believers in giving materials a second life and offer recycled fiber and materials in our shop. From blue jean factory leftovers, cotton cloths and saris, we can help re-use fiber that otherwise would go to waste!

Organic Cotton

Cotton has a rich history throughout the world. Currently, this plant is farmed with the most destructive pesticides used in the industry. These pesticides are destructive to the soil, ground water, and the natural ecosystem. This is why we choose to only offer organic cotton. Grown without the use of harsh pesticides, you can still enjoy the light and soft cotton fiber knowing that it is grown with the environment in mind.

Eucalyptus, Linen, and Hemp

Eucalyptus, linen, and hemp are wonderful options for plant based fibers. Each fiber has it's own strengths. Eucalyptus is a light, soft, and silky fiber, perfect for the summer months. Linen is light weight and breathable. Hemp is the strongest fiber in the world, but still allows breathability. We ensure that all of our plant based fibers are grown and made with sustainable practices. 


No Synthetic Yarn

None of the yarn we offer is made with acrylic, polyester, nylon, or any other synthetic fiber. This includes natural fibers blended with synthetic fiber. 

Why This is Important to Us

We understand that plastic can be very useful, easy, and affordable, in moderation. But as we watch the growing plastic problem in our landfills and oceans, plastic in yarn is not only unnecessary, but dangerous for our eco system and extremely wasteful. There are wonderful alternatives to plastic yarn that nature has provided us. We are happy to stock them at Firefly! 

No Silk Fibers

We do not offer silk or silk blended fibers at Firefly.

Why This is Important to Us

Silk feels luxurious. Oh, we know. But cultivating silk is a violent and inhumane industry. We at Firefly, believe in respecting life, including the treatment of silkworms. 

No Bamboo Fibers

We do not stock bamboo or bamboo blended fiber.

Why This is Important to Us

Bamboo fiber is really hot right now. The process to make bamboo fiber? Not so much. The intense chemical process to break down the naturally hard bamboo into silky fibers is very harmful for the environment and not a sustainable practice. We know there are multiple systems to break down bamboo into fiber, but we have not found one that we believe is truly sustainable and eco-friendly. Try our eucalyptus fibers as a great alternative to bamboo!