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Series I: Building Texture

This six part online workshop series is focused on learning new stitch techniques and patterns to build your texture repertoire.

This is a monthly lesson series, with a new lesson released each moth. Each lesson helps you build your skills to the next lesson. We’ll also be uploading tutorial videos that you will receive a password to access.

Each lesson with come with a written pattern, a charted pattern you can use for your own designs, and access to our online tutorial video. If you are local, you are also welcome to stop in the shop for in-person help!

Lesson 1: Butterfly Stitch

The butterfly stitch creates a beautifully simple, yet textured fabric. In this lesson, you will learn how to create a pattern with slip stitches, wrong side wraps, and picking up wraps with a knit stitch.

This pattern is great for decorative accents on any stockinette pattern. You can use it to dress up a plain sweater pattern, hats or mittens. 


 Lesson 2: Scrunch Stitch

The scrunch stitch creates a reversible bouncy and squishy texture. Learn how to drop stitches and pick up your dropped stitches for a squishy ribbing.

Because this pattern is a rib stitch, you can use it for cuffs on a sweater, or decorative edges on a hat. It’s reversible and warm which makes it a great alternative to the traditional rib stitch. 


Lesson 3: Serpentine Stitch

Pattern reflection Centered decreases 

This is a great pattern for blankets, cowls, or sock insteps.


Lesson 4: Vine Rib Stitch

Twisted knit/purl stitches

This is a great pattern for sock insteps, cuffs, and mitts. 


Lesson 5: Up the Down Stitch

Two charts making up one 

pattern Knit three tog, purl 3 tog, decreasing on the wrong side. left/right leaning decreases


Lesson 6: Chained Curves Stitch

cabling without a cable needle, two charts in one, purling in the back loop, pattern tracking, twisted knit 2 tog